Welcome to "Hello It's Esther": A Journey of Multifarious Adventures

Join me on my journey as a single parent, immigrant, and tech enthusiast.

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a black and white photo with the words the journey is on
a black and white photo with the words the journey is on
An Introduction

Oh hey, you found me! :D Welcome to my little chaotic corner of the internet, "Hello It's Esther." I'm Esther, and I’m so excited to have you here. Imagine a life where chaos meets creativity, and you've pretty much got me. Born and raised in the vibrant cultural melting pot of Singapore, I come from a half-Peranakan, half-Singaporean Chinese family. We speak a mix of languages—English, Malay, Hokkien, Teochew, Hakka—and our family practices a buffet of religions: Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and atheism.

In 2008, after my dad passed away, I decided to hit the reset button and moved to New Zealand. I’ve lived in the bustling big city of Auckland, the serene woop-woops (countryside), and now, I’m in the capital, living with my kids and our cats.

The Vision for "Hello It's Esther"

I wanted a digital space to show off my projects, gush about my favourite topics (think chihuahua-level enthusiasm), and share the tools and tips that help me navigate life. Key aspects of my journey include being a single parent, an immigrant, and navigating the world as a highly suspected but undiagnosed neurodivergent individual. Plus, I’m obsessed with tech, architecture, snow, food, manwha/manhua/manga, illustration, and discovering new things. I basically follow my curiosity wherever it leads.

What to Expect

This blog is my safe haven, and I hope it can be yours too. It’s where I write and connect with people who might be going through similar experiences. If even one blog post can make you think, "Oh hey, I can do that," I’d be thrilled. Expect a lot of blog posts for now, and maybe a podcast in the future (no video though—I’m much more comfy behind the scenes).

Personal Journey and Connection

Juggling multiple projects is my norm. For the longest time, I was constantly confused and overthinking everything. It’s only with the advances in tech that I’ve been able to create a system to support my lifestyle and inclinations. Right now, I’m building a productized service business that combines copywriting with graphic and web design. I’m also working on several clothing and merchandise brands—some for kids, some travel-themed, and all incredibly exciting. Managing these all at once is a bit of a circus, but A.I. has been my secret weapon to keep everything running smoothly.

Building a Community

I’ll be hanging out with you through social media posts, comments, and newsletters. Eventually, I might build a curated community where we can chat more closely. My dream is for you to leave this blog feeling empowered: it’s okay to be multi-passionate, there are tools to help you figure things out, and there’s a whole bunch of us just like you.


So, welcome to "Hello It's Esther"! Let’s grow and thrive together, embracing our multifaceted lives with joy and curiosity. I can’t wait to share this journey with you and get to know you better.