The Importance of Hobbies

Finding Joy in the Little Things

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person in brown knit cap and black jacket with brown knit cap
person in brown knit cap and black jacket with brown knit cap

Let’s talk about hobbies. As someone juggling multiple projects, life admin, and parenting, hobbies are my little pockets of joy and sanity. Here’s why they’re essential and how I fit them into my busy life.

My Passions and How I Find Time

I’m passionate about cooking, creating, music, and reading fantasy novels. These are hobbies I love exploring and experimenting with but don’t want to monetise. I collect recipes and hacks to try, admire art and illustrators, and listen to music while I work and do chores.

Finding time for hobbies can be tricky, but I make it work. Music is the easiest—I listen while doing chores. For the rest, I take breaks to browse social media for inspiration and note down interesting ideas. Reading and art usually happen after the kids go to sleep.

The Benefits of Hobbies

Hobbies help me unwind and keep my spirit upbeat. Dancing around with music blasting in my headphones makes chores more bearable. Cooking brings joy and satisfaction, especially when experiments turn out delicious. Art and music give me a sense of awe and soothe my soul.

These hobbies also teach me valuable skills. Cooking teaches resourcefulness and problem-solving. Music and art remind me to enjoy the moment and appreciate creativity.

Balancing Hobbies and Responsibilities

I consciously incorporate hobbies into my daily life. Music while doing chores, reading before bed, and cooking new recipes whenever I can. It’s about finding joy in the little things and making time for what you love.

Inspiring Others

Figure out what brings you joy and start small. Dedicate 10 minutes a day to a hobby and expand from there. Hobbies help us unwind, center ourselves, and enjoy the present. Whether it’s music, cooking, or something else, find your passion and let it enrich your life.

Personal Stories

One of my best unwinding moments is listening to music in the car and singing (horribly) out loud. It’s my private little concert. Fantasy novels have given me insights into people and characters, changing my perspectives.

Hobbies have helped me develop depth, curiosity, and appreciation for the world. They’ve also soothed my weary soul, especially music. When I’m in a bad mood, my Badass playlist on Spotify turns things around (check it out below - note: some songs have swear words). Hobbies are more than just pastimes—they’re essential for a happy, balanced life.