How Technology Has Transformed My Life as a Single Mom

See how tech tools make single parenting easier and more fun.

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person using laptop computer
person using laptop computer

Oh hey, welcome back! :D Today, we’re diving into how technology has transformed my life as a single mom. If you’re juggling kiddos, chores, and work like me, you know the struggle is real. But with the right tech, it’s like having a superhero sidekick. So, let’s get into it!

A Typical Day in My Chaotic Life

Imagine this: my alarm goes off at 4 am. I might hit snooze once, but by 5 am, I’m up with a cup of coffee in hand. My cats are fed and let outside, and I’m ready to tackle my quiet work time. From 5 am to 7 am, I’m in the zone—writing, planning, researching, and reading. Then, the real fun begins.

From 7 am to 8:30 am, it’s the morning school routine. Picture dishes clanking, breakfast sizzling, and me egging my kids on to get dressed and washed. By 8:20 am, we’re out the door, and by 8:45 am, I’m back home.

From then until 2 pm, it’s a mix of working on the computer, laundry (hello, huge clean pile!), catching some rays, and cleaning. After a quick lunch, I shower and head out to pick the kids up from school.

Our afternoon is a mix of snacks, chilling, and dinner prep. By 5 pm, I’m cooking, then it’s dirty dishes, cat dinner, and bath time for the kids. They ring their dad at 7 pm, and by 8 pm, we’re all in bed.

Biggest challenges? Getting distracted by my phone, the endless interest vortex, and all the chores. Plus, hyperfocus is both a superpower and a curse.

My Tech Lifesavers

Let’s talk tech. One app I love is Minimalist—a minimalistic shopping list app. I jot down everything there, from grocery lists to random ideas. It’s my digital brain dump. I used to write everything down on paper, but let’s be real—those notes get lost or crumpled.

Having a digital app for my thoughts is vital. I can jot down ideas with brief context reminders and check back later. It’s a game-changer.

For organization, Notion and the Notion calendar app are my best friends. I immediately enter anything that pops up into my calendar with notifications set days or weeks prior. It helps me stay on top of everything.

Tip: Brain dump everything into a Notion page but categorize it with your own tags. It gives context and helps you prioritize.

Routines are vital. Set specific times/days for chores (something I’m still working on). Food and grocery delivery are lifesavers, especially when we’re sick. Before apps like Milkrun, waiting for an open delivery slot was a nightmare. Now, I can get essentials delivered quickly—even if it’s pricier, it’s worth it when you’re down with the flu.

Finding Community and Support

Community—this one’s tricky for me. I find it hard to connect in person. I prefer text or voice messages as they give me time to think. I’ve grown out of social media a bit but hang around TikTok to see what others are up to. More of an observer than an active participant.

I use Reddit and Facebook groups for assistance but mostly rely on ChatGPT. It’s like having a friendly chat with a friend. I can ask it to ask me questions about solving problems, and it helps me gain insight and clarity.

Tech for Kids

For my kids, certain digital games are great for cognitive skills and resilience, like Minecraft and Roblox (with chat disabled). There are also apps for math, languages, and science.

Screen time is balanced with after-school tasks and morning routines. We love playing board games (Monopoly, Meme games) and crafting together. Cooking and experimenting with desserts is a family favourite.

The Impact of Technology

Technology has made my life so much easier—it’s like having a second brain. It helps me fine-tune ideas, products, copy, and tasks. The most significant benefit? Not feeling stuck. I can think ahead and plan effectively.

Advice for Fellow Single Moms

My advice? Figure out what you struggle with. Use ChatGPT to ask you questions and get to the root of your issues. Don’t be afraid to use A.I. It’s like having a chat with a friend.

Pitfalls? It sucks when you don’t have access to your phone or internet. Been there, done that. Tip: Pay your bill on time. :P

So, embrace the tech, streamline your chaos, and find joy in the journey. Until next time, stay awesome!